Presentations and publications Anke van Keulen

International presentations

Learning communities, professional development

  • Professional development and professional competences. ISOTIS, Leiden, 2017
  • Professional development and sustainable change. TALE, Florence, 2015
  • Early Learning communities in Utrecht municipality. DECET, Birmingham, 2015
  • The educator as researcher: continuous learning between theory and practice. DECET/ISSA, Bukarest, 2012 // University Yogjakarta, 2012
  • Lerende organisatie en permanent leren. Antwerpen, 2012
  • Improving professional quality through critical learning communities. EECERA, 2009

European Quality Framework Early Childhood services

  • European Quality Framework,. Step by Step project, Skopje 2018 and 2019
  • The European Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care- a lense for reflecting systematically on quality at local and national level. ISSA conference, Leiden 2019
  • Training 5 Steps to Quality, based on the European Quality Framework, ISSA, VBJK, MUTANT, Leiden 2018
  • European Quality Framework as a lense. ISSA, Ghent, 2017
  • 5 Steps to Quality. ISSA, Amsterdam 2016

Peace in your hands

  • Peace within, Peace in the World. AEN project, Bucharest 2019
  • ‘Peace in your hands’: an educational package nurturing inner and outer developement in children. ISSA conference, Leiden, 2019
  • Council meeting. ISSA, Zagreb, 2018

Democratic citizenship and young children

  • ISSA, Budapest, 2014
  • Recec conference, London, 2011
  • UNA conference, Amsterdam, 2011
  • Child Care International, Utrecht, 2007
  • Bernard van Leer Foundation – partner meeting, The Hague, 2007

Respect for Diversity

  • Respect for Diversity and Equal Opportunities for all. Conference Respect for Diversity. Kosice, Slovakia, November 2007. // University Melbourne, 2009
  • Respect for diversity and accessibility in Early Childhood Education. EU Conference ‘Childcare in a changing world, Groningen, October 2004
  • Education without prejudice. Conference Kleine Kinder – Keine Vorurteile? Kinderwelten Berlin, 2001
  • Training educators in respect for diversity. Conference Respect for Children’s needs and rights in preschool education. Athens, November 2001

Young children playing together and coping with conflicts

  • EECERA conference, Prague September 2007
  • EECERA conference, 2009
  • DECET conference ‘Equal opportunities for all children’, Brussels, October, 2007
  • DECET seminar, Barcelona May 2006
  • International Step by Step Association. Conference, Bratislava, October 20

Parents and Diversity

  • Parental Participation and diversity. University Yogjakarta, 2012
  • Parents as citizens. Identity, belonging and participation. In cooperation with Fuusje de Graaff, NIVEL. EECERA, Dublin, 2005
  • Pedagogical Partnership between parents and professionals. EECERA, Malta, 2004

International publications

  • Keulen, A. van, Vandekerckhove, A. (2016). 5 Steps to Quality. Trainingspackage for eraly childhood training providers. European Quality Framwork for Early Childhood Education and Care. Leiden: International Step by Step Association, MUTANT, VBJK, Translations in English, Slovenian, Greek.
  • Keulen, A. van (2015) Contribution, reflection and new perspectives on mutual learning; The Utrecht Quality Framework for the young child. In: TALE: Tuscan approach for Early Childhood Education and care. A. Fortunati (ed.). Florence: Istituto degli Innocenti.
  • Keulen, A. van (2010) The Early Childhood Educator in a Critical Learning Community: towards sustainable change. Comtemporary Issues in Early Childhood, 11(1), 106-112
  • Keulen, A.van, Lee, P. (2007) Networking for respect for diversity. Experiences in the DECET network. In: Early Childhood matters. June 2007.
  • Singer,E., Haan, D. de, contributions A. van Keulen. (2007) The social lives of young children. Play, conflict and moral learning in day-care groups. Amsterdam: SWP.
  • Graaff, F. de, Keulen, A.van. (2008) ‘Making the road as we go’. Parents and professionals as partners managing diversity in early childhood education. The Bernard van Leer Foundation Practice and Reflections (P&R) series no. 24
  • Keulen, A. van (red.) (2004). Young children aren’t biased, are they?! How to handle diversity in early childhood education. Amsterdam: SWP.
  • Keulen, A.van (a.o)(2004) Diversity and Equity in Early Childhood Training in Europe. Examples of training practices in the DECET network. Brussels: DECET network.
  • Gaine, B., Keulen, A. van (1997) Anti-Bias Training Approaches in the Early Years. A guide for trainers and teachers. Utrecht: MUTANT; EYTARN, London.
    La petite Enfance: pour la formation sans prejudges. Un manuel pour formateurs et enseignants
    Criterios para una formación sin prejuicios en la Edad Temprana. Un manual para instructores y maestros.
    Wege zu einer vorurteilsfreien Kleinkindpädagogik. Handbuch für Auszubildende und Lehrkräfte.